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Transcelestial’s global expansion continues with a groundbreaking partnership with Generagua, aiming to introduce wireless laser communications to mobile network operators,  ISPs, government agencies, and enterprises throughout Mexico.

The challenges posed by Mexico’s diverse landscape require innovative solutions. With Transcelestial’s wireless laser technology, we’re not just addressing these challenges; we’re transcending them, bringing high-speed connectivity to every corner of our nation regardless of the place and need,” said Neftali Roch Director and Partner at Generagua, a leading infrastructure company in Mexico.

Mexico retains some unique challenges for high-capacity connectivity normally relied upon by sub-terrain and aerial fibre infrastructure. Transcelestial’s highly secure wireless fiber laser solution can supply a high capacity, low cost, agile supply of bandwidth that communities need to solve the challenges they face for last mile internet connectivity. The solution also acts as a redundancy ally for existing infrastructure and an alternative for communications relief in case of disasters since Mexico’s geography is subject to events like earthquakes and hurricanes.

Generagua’s partnership with Transcelestial will empower the company to leverage its extensive distribution and service network in Mexico, combined with the innovative wireless laser technology of CENTAURIs. This collaboration aims to drive the mass deployment of CENTAURIs across Mexico, bridging the digital divide and ensuring that more Mexicans can access high-speed internet helping the most needed in terms of education, security and connectivity.

“Mexico’s potential is boundless, and we’re honored to play a role in unlocking it. Our collaboration with Generagua is more than just a partnership; it’s a commitment to ensuring that every Mexican has access to the digital world,” said Rohit Jha, CEO and Co-Founder of Transcelestial.

In most large urban network environments, the main barrier to faster Internet delivery is the fixed-line infrastructure behind it. While physical fiber cables are common, it can be costly, complex and incur delays in implementation and alternative wireless technologies require licensed spectrum allocations that often face low capacity throughput and congestion and interference challenges not to mention a high cost and delays because of such permits. 

Transcelestial’s proprietary wireless technology creates a highly secure invisible laser communications network between buildings, cell towers and poles without the need for physical wires, delivering fiber-like speeds at a fraction of cost and time as compared to fiber optic cable connectivity. 

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About Generagua:

Generagua is a leading infrastructure company based in the state of  Morelos Mexico focused on infrastructure design and planning, deployment and integration, project and network management and sale of advanced products and services spanning the modernization and rehabilitation of hydraulic, energy, communications and transportation infrastructure. Adopting a first mover advantage with innovative companies and their commercially available products unique in the Mexican market, Generagua employs staff retaining extensive infrastructure build and transmission experience housed within an agile organizational structure that can deploy technologies that can transform the challenges faced by their extensive private and public sector partnerships and alliances.

About Transcelestial:

Transcelestial has mass-produced a solution for superfast global Internet distribution that leverages its proprietary wireless laser communication technology to create a wireless distribution network between buildings, traditional cell towers, street-level poles and other physical infrastructure – with a much lower total operating cost for Mobile Network Operators, Internet Service Providers and enterprises.

Shortly, Transcelestial aims to develop a constellation of small satellites positioned in Low Earth Orbit, allowing their laser network to not only beam across cities but upwards to connect continents globally too. 

Transcelestial has won numerous industry and global awards such as Most Frontier Company by Asiastar10x10, SPIFFY San Andreas Award for Most Disruptive Technology by Telecom Council, Forbes 30 Under 30 to our CTO Dr. Mohammad Danesh, Edge 35 Under 35 to our CEO Rohit Jha, The Most Ambitious Start-Up in Photonics Award by The Optical Society (OSA), etc. 

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