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Next-gen wireless
laser comms

Test and deploy secure, fiber-like last-mile connectivity at a fraction of the deployment time and cost of fiber.

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A new generation of wireless communications technology

Fastest time to market

No spectrum approval needed. No right of way required. Rapidly connect point-to-point with line of sight over distances from 200 m to 3 km and beyond, in less than a day per link. Flexibly expand your network edge to better utilise the capacity of your fiber infrastructure.

Cost effective

Spectrum Costs? Zero. Integrated with commercial off-the-shelf components and network management systems. CENTAURI can augment existing capacity or help rapidly extend coverage ahead of permanent fiber installation.

High bandwidth and throughput

From 1Gbps to 10Gbps, CENTAURI’s high-throughput technologies support modern network traffic levels that would overwhelm traditional RF/mmWave, older generations of FSO and satellite communications.


Centauri’s laser-light technology provides low-latency, highly secure connectivity, preventing signal interception and disruption from jamming. Build redundant links and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure business continuity in the most challenging scenarios.

Last-mile connectivity made easy

Sleek yet powerful, CENTAURI weighs about 3 kg and connects line-of-sight points at distances of 200 m to 3 km and beyond. This is the next generation of wireless laser communications.

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Supercharge your connectivity with CENTAURI

Join the growing number of ISPs, telcos, and enterprises using CENTAURI, today.

4G/5G fronthaul/backhaul

CENTAURI enables operators and tower companies to quickly and flexibly expand capacity for 4G/5G backhaul and fronthaul.

Rapidly growing demand for mobile data capacity and increased throughput speeds is placing enormous stress on all providers.

CENTAURI accelerates activation of services and reduces time-to-revenue for these “Next-G” connectivity paths.

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Large campus connectivity

For universities, office parks, and residential communities, providing consistent connectivity between one end of the campus to the other can be very challenging.

CENTAURI connects universities, manufacturing centres, port facilities mining sites and remote buildings in many challenging environments.

In areas where laying fiber is infeasible or impossible, where spectrum costs and density are a major impediment, CENTAURI helps deliver high-speed, high-capacity connectivity quickly.

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Last-mile expansion

ISPs and WISPs must rapidly expand the last-mile of their service regions, to meet demand from new or underserved customers and communities.

Fixed fiber and RF/mmWave alternatives may be difficult or infeasible to implement, in places with little or no existing fixed infrastructure, complex regulations, crowded spectrum, or obstacles to right-of-way and other costly challenges to overcome.

CENTAURI can help you deliver broadband services with fiber-like speeds, without constraint.

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Dark fiber alternative

High-speed connectivity between offices and data centres is a significant requirement for today’s businesses.

Leasing dark fiber capacity may be expensive or unavailable. Even when capacity is prioritised it can take months to provision, especially if there’s digging or stringing new fiber involved.

CENTAURI’s next-generation FSO enables reliable point-to-point connectivity at speeds up to 25 Gbps, with simple, fast setup between a rooftop or terrace and data centres, at distances from 200 m to 3 km.

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Transcelestial’s solution gives the industry another option to fiber optic cables, which require infrastructure-intensive physical wires… We are forging a new path for connectivity in our market that could mean a much faster rollout of internet upgrades.

Joseph GiamManaging Director of Glocomp
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What makes CENTAURI different?

Industry-leading throughput

CENTAURI is ideal for applications with heavy traffic loads. CENTAURI offers consistent full-duplex data rates at 1Gbps or 10Gbps speeds, with no compromise to performance by throttling transmission rates when adjusting to a wide range of demanding environments.

Advanced AI tracking & control

CENTAURI’s patented telemetry and AI-based tracking system automatically adjusts alignment and laser power in near-real-time, with micro-scale precision. Maintain and improve link performance over time, in a variety of environmental conditions, including rain, pole sway or vibrations.

Spectrum independence

Break free from RF spectrum licensing fees, regulations and management. CENTAURI uses state-of-the-art lasers, impervious to spectrum congestion and density challenges. Deploy CENTAURI quickly and easily, with faster time-to-revenue and absolutely zero spectrum management overhead.

Best-in-class security

Wireless laser technology provides inherent security. Data transmissions are not scannable or jammable. Interruption to line-of-sight severs the data link while intercepts, eavesdropping and MITM attacks are near impossible due to use of extremely narrow beam for data transmission.

Compact and easy to deploy

CENTAURI looks as good as it performs. Older FSO technology was large, heavy, hard to deploy, and used enormous amounts of power. CENTAURI is sleek, weighs less than 2.5kg per device, deploys in less than 4 hrs, and requires only 25-32W of power to run.

Future proof

CENTAURI uses lasers in the 200 THz spectrum, supporting nearly unrestricted headroom for future upgrades and the ability to scale to 100s of Gbps transmission rates in the future. This technology can scale with you, as your bandwidth needs grow.

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