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Transcelestial’s footprint in the US has expanded with a new partnership agreement with Xaccel, to introduce wireless laser communications (lasercomms) and Internet solutions to mobile network operators, ISPs, government and enterprises across North America.

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and at Xaccel, we believe in staying ahead of the curve. Collaborating with Transcelestial allows us to offer cutting-edge wireless lasercomms solutions, ensuring that our clients receive the best in terms of speed, efficiency, and cost. This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering cutting-edge wireless solutions to our customers, and we are confident that together, we can redefine the future of connectivity,” said John Bittner, Chief Technology Officer at Xaccel, an industry leader in the internet communications and wireless solutions sector.

Building on its success in Asia – and in response to the FCC and NTIA’s call for urgent high-speed connectivity – Transcelestial is poised to bridge the US’s digital divide via its lasercomms solutions for last mile internet broadband.

Xaccel will combine its network planning, integration, and managed services expertise with Transcelestial’s wireless laser technology to represent and expand CENTAURI’s mass deployment across the United States.

“The essence of connectivity innovation is not just in creating new technologies but in making them accessible to the masses. With Xaccel by our side, we’re set to transform the way the US experiences internet connectivity, breaking barriers and setting new standards,” said Rohit Jha, CEO and Co-Founder of Transcelestial.

In most large urban network environments, the main barrier to faster Internet delivery is the fixed-line infrastructure behind it. While physical fiber cables are common, it can be costly and incur delays in implementation, and alternative wireless alternative technologies require licensed spectrum allocations that often face low capacity throughput and congestion and interference challenges. 

Transcelestial’s proprietary wireless technology creates a highly secure invisible laser communications network between buildings, cell towers and poles without the need for physical wires, delivering fiber-like speeds at a fraction of cost and time as compared to fiber optic cable connectivity. 

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About Xaccel

Xaccel is a leading US based technology company specializing in digital solutions that empower businesses and individuals to excel in today’s dynamic digital landscape. Xaccel enjoy strong partnership relationships with International telecom and fiber carriers along with MSPs and ISPs spanning the US, Australia and more. Xaccel offers a diverse range of services and customised solutions designed to accelerate digital experiences and optimize operational efficiency for its partners, including procurement and network design, installation, system integration, fully managed ISP services, and SLA management and support 

For more, visit Xaccel’s website: 

About Transcelestial:

Transcelestial has mass-produced a solution for superfast global Internet distribution that leverages its proprietary wireless laser communication technology to create a wireless distribution network between buildings, traditional cell towers, street-level poles and other physical infrastructure – with a much lower total operating cost for Mobile Network Operators, Internet Service Providers and enterprises.

Shortly, Transcelestial aims to develop a constellation of small satellites positioned in Low Earth Orbit, allowing their laser network to not only beam across cities but upwards to connect continents globally too. 

Transcelestial has won numerous industry and global awards such as Most Frontier Company by Asiastar10x10, SPIFFY San Andreas Award for Most Disruptive Technology by Telecom Council, Forbes 30 Under 30 to our CTO Dr. Mohammad Danesh, Edge 35 Under 35 to our CEO Rohit Jha, The Most Ambitious Start-Up in Photonics Award by The Optical Society (OSA), etc. 

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