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The challenge

Data consumption is doubling every 18-24 months. This presents a challenge for mobile infrastructure capacity. Upgrades call for a technology that provides high capacity, quickly, with the ability to expand in the future -- while promising high availability for critical services. Fiber expansion can be costly and takes a long time to deploy. eBand requires 4Ghz of unobstructed spectrum, which may be difficult to acquire, and is susceptible to interference, pole sway and other performance challenges.

The solution

Transcelestial presents a vendor-neutral hybrid architecture, incorporating our proprietary wireless laser technology with existing wireless infrastructure. This integration approach significantly reduces the need for investment in new equipment. Now, operators can swiftly augment their capacity by 10Gbps while preserving high levels of availability and performance guarantees for essential applications.

Transcelestial hybrid architecture

The architecture introduces a Transcelestial-tested commercial L2 switch placed in between the existing wireless radio equipment and a CENTAURI device. The switch is configured based on Transcelestial best practises, ensuring critical traffic falls back on the radio link. Observability is supported through an SNMP-based network monitoring system which gathers log data and alerts from both the switch and CENTAURI and can integrate with almost any NMS.

Hybrid solution options

There are two options available: BYOD (bring your own device) minimises new investments and leverages existing radio equipment and L2 switches. A complete end-to-end solution is also available, suitable for greenfield deployments.

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With Transcelestial’s technology, organisations get the best of all worlds – performance, quick to deploy and cost-effective, and without having to sacrifice quality connectivity for security.

Jason KhuaGeneral Manager, Synetcom

Transcelestial’s technology solves a friction point for mobile operators and enterprises in Malaysia exploring how to solve 5G’s last mile connectivity hurdle. Their solution gives the industry another option from fiber optic cables – which requires infrastructure-intensive physical wires between buildings, cell towers or street-level poles.

Joseph GiamManaging Director, Glocomp

The UAE currently faces two essential communication hurdles: spectrum congestion and network outages. Transcelestial wireless laser comms offers the best solution to address these head-on, being spectrum-free and not susceptible to fiber-related downtime.

Mash KhanCEO, LinkQuest FZCO

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27 Feb - 3 March 2023 | TIP Pavilion, Hall Stand 5A40

Transcelestial will be showcasing our exclusive 25G wireless laser comms at our booth. Featuring an intimate panel discussion with our CEO & Co-Founder, Rohit Jha, and our end customers on wireless laser milestones through the years.

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