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Transcelestial partners from Southeast Asia, Mexico, India, and Japan converged  in Singapore,  diving into details about  Centauri product and solution. The partners went through the scope required to deploy a CENTAURI link successfully. This event enabled our partners to develop a core understanding, on par with our internal engineering teams, and be capable of planning, deploying, and monitoring a CENTAURI link. The partners also got a chance to discuss in detail how to commercially position the technology to disrupt the telecom, ISP, enterprise, government, utilities and defence markets in their respective geographies. This event was fundamental to developing a long lasting relationship with our partner network and developing client satisfaction further in our product line.

Day One: Embracing Centauri Technology

Our Sales team provided an in-depth exploration of the CENTAURI product, highlighting its effectiveness in resolving connectivity issues for various Telco and Enterprise partners. Simultaneously, our Engineering team guided attendees through the CENTAURI laser technology, emphasizing its key IP features and ensuring a thorough understanding of on-site deployment.

The event encompassed discussions on the installation and mounting of CENTAURI, including insights into the utilization of the DMD (Device Management and Deployment) application for device deployment. Additionally, the session covered the role of SNMP as our EMS for monitoring CENTAURI. Attendees gained valuable insights into identifying common issues, understanding their meanings, and implementing troubleshooting methods.

Overall, the event significantly contributed to participants’ understanding of CENTAURI, boosting their confidence in deployments and providing comprehensive training to emerge as proficient CENTAURI professionals.

Day Two: A Hands-On Experience and visit to Terabit Factory

Day two was a visit to our manufacturing facility in Singapore where the participants gained hands-on experience with Centauri.

Terabit Factory Visit: Partners had the incredible opportunity to visit the Terabit factory, where they could witness the assembly of CENTAURI devices and gain a deep understanding of the various components that make this technology tick.

CENTAURI Demo Site Visit: At Transcelestial’s CENTAURI demo site, attendees witnessed live alignment demonstrations and had their questions addressed by our engineers. This interaction instilled confidence in deploying Centauri and leveraging its capabilities effectively.


A Glimpse of the Future

The event concluded with an address by our Founder, Rohit Jha, who shared the inspiring journey of Transcelestial and the pivotal role partnerships play in making CENTAURI a success. He also provided insights into the exciting new software updates and features on the horizon, to extend connectivity to millions of people worldwide.

Overall, our inaugural partner event was a resounding success, setting the stage for an exciting future with CENTAURI technology. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our partners who made this event unforgettable, and we look forward to building a brighter future together.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us on this extraordinary journey of transformation and connectivity.

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