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Ports & logistics

CENTAURI enables mission-critical applications for modern port and terminal operations in RF congested environments.

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Industry trends in ports

The global pandemic significantly disrupted global supply chains, forcing the industry to reconsider its capacity management and resiliency needs. In addition, growing demand in Asia has led to changing trade routes and ports. A drive toward sustainability has led the industry to commit to lowering CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030. All of these trends mean ports need to increase efficiencies from space management to port utilisation. Smart ports, automation and a real time view of operations help operators realise efficiencies across their business. High-speed, reliable connectivity is a key requirement for successful digital transformation in the ports and logistics vertical.

Case study - Port in Hong Kong


Port in Greater China, Link distance: 1.02Km, Deployed October 2021


  • The data link between DC and Edge DC is critical
  • Fiber performance had deteriorated over time
  • Alternate path connection is required
  • RF spectrum is used extensively for other port operations
  • No disruption to port operations during deployment


  • CENTAURI 10Gbps link deployed in less than half a day
  • Alignment process quick and easy
  • Link performance exceeded expectations: stable even in instances of rainfall of 70 mm/hr
  • Client reports performance is better than microwave solutions
  • Client is now considering CENTAURI for a load-balanced solution

Port challenges

To support digital transformation and automation, ports need to extend high speed connectivity across the campus in RF challenged environments.

Automation, digital applications driving 24x7 operations
Real time view of operations
Return on IT costs
Connectivity requirements to many more devices
Cybersecurity threats, quality of service expectations.

Technology challenges

Solution for ports & logistics

The terminal operations management centre is at location A and the data collection and storage centre is at location B. The high speed connection between the two is critical for continuing port operations.


  • Connection between the ops centre and the data collection centre is critical
  • Backup link is required


  • Digging fiber disrupts the port environment
  • RF spectrum is used extensively for other port operations


  • CENTAURI provides 10Gbps speeds with an alternate path to primary fiber link


  • Quick deployment and no disruption to the port environment
  • CENTAURI not affected by congested RF spectrum
  • RF spectrum is available for other port operations

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