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CENTAURI allows extending high speed WiFi across the campus and facilitates high-volume data flows in record time.

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Industry trends in education

The education industry is experiencing a shift. From managing courses, to attending lectures and completing assignments, to sitting for exams, the increase in the use of online learning and multimedia tools has accelerated over the past few years. 83% of institutions have reported increasing use of learning tools and portals as top priority. Cutting-edge technology research programs at universities require high-speed and high-performance connectivity for effective collaboration and learning.

Case study - A university in Singapore


  • Link distance: <1km, Deployed December 2021
  • Extend high-speed Internet access to remote buildings


  • Deployment timeframe limited
  • Incumbent vendor’s FSO failed, replacement costs seen as prohibitive
  • A short-term RF point-to-point solution failed to deliver “as-advertised” performance  
  • Extending fiber connectivity is very expensive


  • Client sees CENTAURI 10G as next-generation technology
  • CENTAURI is 3x smaller and lighter and provides 10x speed of old link
  • Quick and easy setup in ½ day
  • Exceptional performance
  • Client considering adding several more links soon

Large campus challenges

Educational campuses are increasingly expected to provide high capacity and pervasive WiFi and internet access across the campus while managing return on IT costs.

Growing bandwidth demands from campus community
High capacity WiFi access to all parts of campus
High capacity connection to cutting-edge research facilities in the university
Quality of service expectations, growing security threats
Return on IT costs

Technology challenges

Solution for universities

The Internet connection from the ISP comes in at the landing zone, located at location A. The high-performance computing centre is at location B and the facility for resident students and faculty is at location C. All need to be connected.


  • Each building requires WiFi for internet access
  • HPC centre requires high bandwidth connection


  • Digging fiber is expensive
  • Digging fiber disrupts operations and learning experience


  • CENTAURI provides high-speed 10Gbps links with high throughput between the desired locations.
  • Setup quickly and cost-effectively with zero disruptions


  • Extend high bandwidth connectivity across the campus faster, easier and more economically
  • Spectrum management is not required
  • University uses start-of-the-art laser communication on campus introducing a cool factor

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