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Transcelestial has expanded to Taiwan with telecom equipment system integrator, dB-Tech, introducing its wireless laser communications technology to leading Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

“dB-Tech has enjoyed a 20-year history of servicing our customers in Taiwan and believe Transcelestial’s technology can transform wireless network challenges with the next generation of laser-based solutions for telecom. The industry conversations taking place with ISPs and MNOs so far are promising – working closely with Transcelestial is our best opportunity to improve Internet access for all,” said Benson Chang, General Manager of dB Tech Co.

Going to market with dB-Tech means that Transcelestial’s solution will be sold, implemented and supported locally by an authorised partner in Taiwan.

Since founded in 2002, dB-Tech’s has been focusing on selling, deploying and servicing telecommunications network equipment, including high-frequency microwave equipment, base stations and large antenna systems.  Over the past 20 years dB-Tech has developed a core national telecommunications business across Taiwan. The company is a leading systems integrator and project manager of wireless technology deployments for key customers including the three national mobile network operators in Taiwan.

CENTAURIs have also been adopted by national security organizations worldwide in securing borders and gathering intelligence while being resilient to jamming techniques – this can prove highly strategic for Taiwan’s border protection and national security as well. 

“Solving 5G’s last mile hurdle is critical if we seriously want advanced connectivity for all. Going to market with dB-Tech will make sure telecoms throughout Taiwan will have the opportunity to go beyond the limits of fibre optic cables to meet the needs of consumers nationwide,” said Rohit Jha, CEO and Co-Founder of Transcelestial.

Currently, physical fiber cables are the main barrier to faster Internet delivery in cities as they are costly and slow to implement. COVID-19 has exacerbated this, resulting in delays of up to 24 months to roll out the cables typically needed in last mile connectivity for 5G, home and office broadband and enterprises. The cost of leasing bandwidth from ISP and MNO networks to roll out better connectivity comes at a very high dollar cost and can require downtime to upgrade. 

Transcelestial’s technology beams lasers instead, which enables fiber-grade Internet connections without the need for any wires between buildings, cell towers or street-level poles, and  can be implemented in a fraction of the time and cost of physical fiber cables.


About Transcelestial

Transcelestial has mass-produced a solution for superfast global Internet distribution that leverages its proprietary wireless laser communication technology to create a wireless distribution network between buildings, traditional cell towers, street-level poles and other physical infrastructure – with a much lower total operating cost for Mobile Network Operators, Internet Service Providers and enterprises.

Shortly, Transcelestial aims to develop a constellation of small satellites positioned in Low Earth Orbit, allowing their laser network to not only beam across cities but upwards to connect continents globally too. 

Transcelestial has won numerous industry and global awards such as Most Frontier Company by Asiastar10x10, SPIFFY San Andreas Award for Most Disruptive Technology by Telecom Council, Forbes 30 Under 30 to our CTO Dr. Mohammad Danesh, Edge 35 Under 35 to our CEO Rohit Jha, The Most Ambitious Start-Up in Photonics Award by The Optical Society (OSA), etc. 

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About dB-Tech

dB-Tech is a telecommunications network equipment system integrator, providing telecommunication equipment sales, installation and maintenance services in Taiwan.  Established in 2002, dB-Tech is one of very few system integration and maintenance companies in Taiwan who can meet complete service needs by telecommunication companies.  

dB-Tech represents many international telecommunication solution vendors for Taiwan market and provides comprehensive telecommunication project services including initial planning, deployment and maintenance and repair services.  

For more information, visit our website

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