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Transcelestial has inked a collaboration framework with Axiom Space in a groundbreaking move to redefine space communications for government and commercial customers in Southeast Asia. 

Together, both parties aim to revolutionise space-based cloud infrastructure interoperability using optical intersatellite links. 

Transcelestial and Axiom Space leaders were present for the signing ceremony, which was witnessed by Jonathan Hung, Executive Director of Singapore’s Office for Space Technology & Industry. Also at the event was special guest Koichi Wakata, Astronaut and Chief Technology Officer, Asia-Pacific Region, Axiom Space, who has spent a nearly two-decade-long career in spaceflight, of which he has logged more than 500 days in space. Wakata is a veteran of four NASA Space Shuttle missions, a Russian Soyuz mission, and a long-duration stay on the International Space Station.

The collaboration speaks to Transcelestial’s ongoing progress in intersatellite and space-to-ground laser communications technology. The technology firm, based in Singapore, continues to make significant advancements which are pivotal in facilitating the evolution of space infrastructure and services.

The scope of the agreement involves three key areas of advancement:

  1. Joint Demonstrations: Transcelestial and Axiom Space will collaborate on developing and conducting demonstrations showcasing interoperability between laser communication networks and orbital data centers. These demonstrations will focus on scenarios relevant to commercial, civil, and defense entities from US-allied government agencies.
  2. Technical Exchange: The mutual sharing of technical knowledge, data, and expertise necessary for the successful execution of joint demonstrations.
  3. Coordination with Government Agencies: Efforts will be made to identify and coordinate with local defense and government agencies to ensure alignment with operational requirements and interoperability standards.

Transcelestial’s terrestrial solution is delivered through a shoebox-sized device called a CENTAURI. The proprietary wireless technology in the device creates a highly secure invisible laser communications network between buildings, cell towers, and poles without the need for physical fiber cable wires.  

The collaboration marks a significant milestone in Transcelestial’s emergence as a key player in space communications underscoring Axiom Space’s commitment to pioneering the commercialization of space. 

Rohit Jha, CEO and Co-Founder of Transcelestial said: “Axiom Space is joining us to take a monumental leap forward in the realm of space communications. This collaboration symbolizes our shared vision of a world where communication networks in Earth’s orbit can revolutionize industries, empower societies, and transcend the limits of terrestrial capabilities. Together, we’re pioneering a future where the cosmos becomes our conduit for communication, unlocking boundless opportunities and propelling humanity into a new era of possibility.”

Jonathan Hung, Executive Director of Singapore’s Office for Space Technology & Industry said: “Singapore has a long history of supporting partnerships across the advanced manufacturing sectors. In electronics, aerospace, and healthcare – MNCs work closely with Singapore companies and research institutes to source for mission-critical components, develop new technologies, and tap on our industry-ready workforce. We are thus heartened to see these partnerships extend into the space industry. Transcelestial’s capabilities in optical communications is an excellent case study of what Singapore companies can offer. Since Singapore’s signing of the Artemis Accords in 2022, and the first US-Singapore Bilateral Space Dialogue in 2023; there has been increased interest in collaboration between our industries. We see this partnership between Axiom Space and Transcelestial as a continuation of this trend, and look forward to the outcome of this collaboration between 2 leading-edge space companies. OSTIn will continue to support both parties to invest in the wider ecosystem so there are more opportunities for procuring niche technologies, growing commercial networks, and diversifying supply chains.”

Christian Maender, Executive Vice President, Space Commercialization, In-Solutions at Axiom Space said: “This strategic collaboration is a great first step toward bringing orbital data centers and space optical communications capabilities to Southeast Asia’s commercial, civil, and security users. As the communications world continues to proliferate mesh networks capabilities in space, we need to be able to deploy data center assets that will provide edge compute and cloud services in space to help those markets mature and deliver new products and services. If the amazing capabilities Transcelestial have deployed terrestrially for last mile communications services has any signal, we should all be excited for what’s to come.”

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