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For a university in Maharashtra, India, situated by a valley and hillside terrain, deploying traditional fiber cables to bridge connectivity gaps wasn’t an option without downtime. Here’s how CENTAURI’s laser technology beamed a reliable solution across mountains.


A university in Maharashtra required a robust and reliable connection between its administrative block and residential buildings. They needed a high-bandwidth solution to serve as a backup for their existing fiber connection and supplement their overall bandwidth needs.

The challenges facing the rollout of connectivity infrastructure were two-fold.

  1. Legacy infrastructure at a 24/7 campus: The university’s existing fiber connectivity was at least 15 years old. Upgrading existing infrastructure would lead to disruptive construction activities on campus, leaving students and teachers with ato patchy and unreliable internet service.
  2. Positioned by a hill: The university’s location on a hill slope posed significant challenges for deploying new fiber cables.

To address these issues, the university decided to explore alternative solutions to ensure continuous and high-quality connectivity.

Objectives and Technical Details

The primary goal was to install a CENTAURI link between the university’s admin building and a hostel in the residential block, ensuring a stable and high-speed connection. This link, spanning less than 1km, would then provide connectivity to other buildings in the residential area.

The link was designed to carry internet traffic, university LAN traffic, and CCTV surveillance videos. It was configured in a Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) setup with the existing fiber, providing a seamless switchover in case of fiber cuts and supplementing the available bandwidth.

Implemented and live within hours

The university took one week to prepare the site, and once prepared, the CENTAURI link was implemented and live within hours. The installation process involved rigorous planning to address the unique environmental and logistical challenges posed by the university’s location.


For over a year, the CENTAURI link has served as a dependable connectivity solution for the university. This laser link has provided stable and high-speed connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted connections between the university’s administrative and residential blocks even during fiber disruptions. This implementation has set a new standard for reliable and resilient connectivity solutions in remote or geographically complex locations.

The successful deployment of the CENTAURI link demonstrates its potential to provide high bandwidth of 10Gbps and reliable connectivity for challenging campus environments. This technology offers a promising alternative to traditional fiber optic deployments, especially in situations where construction or terrain pose significant obstacles.

Encouraged by the positive outcomes, the university is now considering expanding the use of this technology to other parts of the campus.

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