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With a population of 3000 students spread across multiple campuses, keeping its student body connected – to coursework, examinations, each other and their teachers – is key. That’s why one of Singapore’s main post-secondary institutions insists on having stability and dependability be the mainstays of their Internet network.

The school previously connected its various campuses using legacy free-space optics technology from a decade ago. When one of the devices failed, an entire campus lost connectivity, causing online classes and student access to also be disconnected. The school immediately sought a replacement solution that was 1) easy to set up; 2) easy to integrate with the current network; 3) easy to monitor; and 4 ) that would provide fiber speed connectivity.

CENTAURI to the rescue

As an interim solution, the school’s built-in redundancy link kicked into action and students could resume their activities soon enough, but before long, the wifi connection experienced too much interference and the throughput and latency weren’t consistent.

Management went looking for a viable long-term solution.

An effective and easy-to-adopt set-up was presented as the best solution: Transcelestial’s CENTAURI wireless laser communications, also known as wireless fiber optics . The device not only met all three criteria (ie. easy to set up, easy to align and easy to monitor), but the next gen wireless fiber optics solution was also significantly more affordable than any other solution on the market.

On set-up day, the replacement unit – the CENTAURI – was installed in less than 30 minutes. Then, through the smart CENTAURI app, the new unit was aligned with its existing network. And much to the school’s surprise, not only could they now monitor the link performance via Transcelestial’s cloud dashboard, the link was already ready for integration into the school’s SNMP monitoring system, too.

Upgrades, when the time is right

Looking ahead, as the school’s internet needs evolve, the Transcelestial system is a future-proof solution that will easily accommodate the expansion. Whether they need higher speed or wider coverage, Transcelestial’s network, at 10Gbps, is already ready to support that growth. Similarly, should the school expand by another campus, additional CENTAURIs can easily be installed at optimal points, multiplying the inter-building connectivity within hours.

More than ever, schools are in need of campus-wide connectivity that is dependable, stable and of super-speed – it’s the only way forward. Campuses around the world will benefit from a network that is not only dependable and stable but also highly scalable, maintenance-free and, above all, cost-effective.

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