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Transcelestial footprint in the US has expanded with a new supplier agreement with Wesco International (NYSE:WCC), to introduce wireless laser communications technology (wireless lasercomms) to mobile network operators (MNOs), Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), government and enterprises across North America.

Transcelestial’s proprietary wireless technology creates a highly secure invisible laser communications network between buildings, cell towers and poles without any physical wires. 

“In a world where high-speed connectivity is paramount, our agreement with Transcelestial ensures that we continue to offer the most advanced and efficient wireless solutions that enable our customers to achieve their goals. Wireless laser communications are part of that future, and we’re proud to be at the forefront with Transcelestial,” said Rick Arsenault, Vice President and General Manager of Global Service Providers, Broadband and Wireless at Wesco, a leading provider of business-to-business distribution, technology solutions and supply chain services.

Wesco’s Supplier Agreement with Transcelestial will add to Wesco’s portfolio wireless lasercomms solutions for broadband customers, expanding Transcelestial’s wireless laser technology deployment of CENTAURIs across the US.

“The US presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to bridging the digital divide. In my time on the ground, I’ve seen everything from rural to urban WISPs, to the US government, to big telecoms struggling with deploying reliable broadband services to customers. Our partnership with Wesco is a significant stride towards ensuring that the power of wireless lasercomms reaches every corner of the country, offering a faster, more efficient alternative to traditional infrastructure,” said Mark Harnen, Sales Lead for North America at Transcelestial.


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About Transcelestial

Transcelestial has mass-produced a solution for superfast global Internet distribution that leverages its proprietary wireless laser communication technology to create a wireless distribution network between buildings, traditional cell towers, street-level poles, and other physical infrastructure – with a much lower total operating cost for Mobile Network Operators, Internet Service Providers, and enterprises.

Transcelestial aims to develop a constellation of LEO satellites allowing their laser network to not only connect inter-cities but upwards in space to connect continents globally. 

Transcelestial has won numerous industry and global awards such as Most Frontier Company by Asiastar10x10, SPIFFY San Andreas Award for Most Disruptive Technology by Telecom Council, Forbes 30 Under 30 to their CTO Dr. Mohammad Danesh, Edge 35 Under 35 to their CEO Rohit Jha, The Most Ambitious Start-Up in Photonics Award by The Optical Society (OSA). 

For more, visit our website OR follow us on Twitter (@trans_celestial) For sales inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

About Wesco

Wesco International (NYSE: WCC) builds, connects, powers, and protects the world. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Wesco is a FORTUNE 500® company with more than $21 billion in annual sales and a leading provider of business-to-business distribution, logistics services and supply chain solutions. Wesco offers a best-in-class product and services portfolio of Electrical and Electronic Solutions, Communications and Security Solutions, and Utility and Broadband Solutions. The Company employs approximately 20,000 people, partners with the industry’s premier suppliers, and serves thousands of customers around the world. With millions of products, end-to-end supply chain services, and leading digital capabilities, Wesco provides innovative solutions to meet customer needs across commercial and industrial businesses, contractors, government agencies, institutions, telecommunications providers, and utilities. Wesco operates approximately 800 branches, warehouses, and sales offices in more than 50 countries, providing a local presence for customers and a global network to serve multi-location businesses and multi-national corporations. 

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