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MALAYSIA, 1 DECEMBER 2022: Transcelestial partners with value-added distributor Teleplex Solutions to introduce wireless laser communications as a solution for government, telcos and internet service providers in Malaysia to connect the last mile in hard-to-reach rural areas, along with seaports for large enterprise customers.

Teleplex partners with Transcelestial to connect the unreached in rural Malaysia with wireless laser comms.

“In Malaysia, connecting the last mile for rural areas remains a challenge for both government and enterprises, due to having to deal with difficult terrain when laying fiber cables. Partnering with Transcelestial means that we can offer a solution that enables total wireless connectivity using laser communications to reach out to the previously unreached, and also provide a less-costly alternative for fast connectivity in urban settings,” said HP Lee, Managing Director of Teleplex Solutions Sdn Bhd.

HP LeeManaging Director of Teleplex Solutions Sdn Bhd.

For nearly two decades, Malaysia-headquarted Teleplex Solutions has provided high-grade telecommunications equipment and solutions across the region, and is taking on the challenge of connecting the last-mile for rural deployments with high-speed wireless laser communications to reach out to the unserved. Locally in urban and residential areas, Teleplex is also providing a solution for customers who incur delays, costs, and unstable connectivity when using traditional fiber cable infrastructure or broadband links.

Partnering with Teleplex in Malaysia means that Transcelestial’s solution will be sold, implemented and supported locally through an authorised partner. Teleplex’s established market presence in the telecom solutions sector means that organisations can look forward to localised support via a dedicated point of contact when deploying Transcelestial’s technology.

“Connecting users quickly in both rural and urban areas is crucial towards ensuring connectivity for all, where difficult terrain or costs are potential barriers respectively. This partnership with Teleplex allows us to set up secure connectivity infrastructure quickly at a fraction of the cost and time than existing legacy infrastructures,” said Rohit Jha, CEO and Co-Founder of Transcelestial.

Rohit JhaCEO and Co-Founder of Transcelestial.

Transcelestial’s proprietary wireless technology creates an invisible laser communications network between buildings, cell towers and poles without the need for physical wires, delivering fiber-like speeds at a fraction of cost and time compared to fiber optic cables.

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