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A leading telecommunications company in Malaysia enhanced their services by using CENTAURIs to successfully expand their internet connectivity to geographically-challenging island clusters in open water 


One of Malaysia’s largest telco companies faced a major challenge in bringing digital connectivity to 200+ people on a remote island. Given the pressing timelines, costly undersea cables that would take months to install were not feasible, so they sought a solution that would provide high-speed connectivity without the physical infrastructure. They also needed the connection to work reliably, ruling out microwave as a solution since Fresnel zones cause radio waves to lose signal strength over open waters.


The telco company implemented CENTAURI, a shoebox-sized device that uses proprietary laser technology, to transmit data wirelessly up to 3km.

The installation process was quick and easy, taking less than half a day and eliminating the need for costly physical infrastructure and maintenance fees. With 10Gbps speeds, the telco company was able to connect underserved villagers in no time, saving US$3 million in undersea cables. CENTAURI proved not just useful for connecting remote islands, but as a powerful conduit for transmission over open waters. Its proprietary pointing, tracking and acquisition feature has outperformed most RF and mmWave solutions in reliability and performance, making it the optimal solution when connecting.


Note: *Extrapolation based on calculating time it takes to deploy undersea cables

Without having to install undersea cables or deal with spectrum costs, the telco company managed to save millions in project management costs, freeing up installation time and improving the lives of people along the way.

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