World’s first 25G wireless laser comms

The world's about to go a whole lot faster. Commercially available Q2 2023.

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Transcelestial Highlights

27 March 2023

Under the Radar: Conversation with Transcelestial’s CEO on using laser beams to bring superfast connectivity to the masses

Ever wondered what’s behind our 4G or wifi connectivity? What if it were a network of shoebox-sized devices beaming lasers to one another?  Well, that’s what Singapore-based startup Transcelestial does…
08 March 2023

International Women’s Day: Why inclusivity is the differentiator

Since the onset, every day at Transcelestial is an opportunity to be more equal, inclusive and to embrace a diversity of voices, views and ideas. Providing everyone - not just…
24 February 2023

Transcelestial Unveils World’s Fastest Spectrum-less, Wireless 25Gbps Device

The breakthrough is built on the manufacturing-ready CENTAURI technology which uses Wireless Laser Communication. This is expected to revolutionize wireless bandwidth and time to service for 5G, residential & enterprise…

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