World’s first 25G wireless laser comms

The world's about to go a whole lot faster. Commercially available Q2 2023.

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Transcelestial Highlights

11 December 2023

Transcelestial’s wireless laser communications enters Taiwan with telecom equipment system integrator, dB-Tech

Transcelestial has expanded to Taiwan with telecom equipment system integrator, dB-Tech, introducing its wireless laser communications technology to leading Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). “dB-Tech has…
23 November 2023

A Recap of Transcelestial’s First-Ever Global Partner CENTAURI Training Event

Transcelestial partners from Southeast Asia, Mexico, India, and Japan converged  in Singapore,  diving into details about  Centauri product and solution. The partners went through the scope required to deploy a…
14 November 2023

Transcelestial’s wireless lasercomms arrives in Mexico with Generagua

Transcelestial’s global expansion continues with a groundbreaking partnership with Generagua, aiming to introduce wireless laser communications to mobile network operators,  ISPs, government agencies, and enterprises throughout Mexico.

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