World’s first 25G wireless laser comms

The world's about to go a whole lot faster. Commercially available Q2 2023.

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Transcelestial Highlights

24 June 2024

Bringing 10Gbps Student WiFi through lasers in the Hills of Western India

For a university in Maharashtra, India, situated by a valley and hillside terrain, deploying traditional fiber cables to bridge connectivity gaps wasn’t an option without downtime. Here's how CENTAURI's laser…
06 June 2024

Transcelestial and Axiom Space forge collaboration to pioneer space laser communications from Southeast Asia

Transcelestial has inked a collaboration framework with Axiom Space in a groundbreaking move to redefine space communications for government and commercial customers in Southeast Asia.  Together, both parties aim to…
28 May 2024

Wireless over water: Taiwan telecom taps on lasers for high bandwidth connectivity at ports

The groundbreaking deployment was conducted in a challenging port environment underscoring the need for wireless lasercomms solutions where traditional fiber deployment is impractical. Transcelestial’s lasers were used by leading Taiwan…

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