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Re-imagining Space Telecom Infrastructure

Join us in transforming the future of space communication with Transcelestial’s cutting-edge Free Space Optics technology, to reimagine the telecom infrastructure.

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Award-winning wireless laser comms that connects the last-mile quickly and cost-effectively, all in the size of a shoe-box. Get reliable and high-capacity performance without dealing with spectrum licenses. New versions coming soon.








Terabit Factory (devices)

Our latest highlights

28 May 2024

Wireless over water: Taiwan telecom taps on lasers for high bandwidth connectivity at ports

The groundbreaking deployment was conducted in a challenging port environment underscoring the need for wireless lasercomms solutions where traditional fiber deployment is impractical. Transcelestial’s lasers were used by leading Taiwan…
06 March 2024

Transcelestial and Wesco bring wireless lasercomms to North America

Transcelestial footprint in the US has expanded with a new supplier agreement with Wesco International (NYSE:WCC), to introduce wireless laser communications technology (wireless lasercomms) to mobile network operators (MNOs), Wireless…
29 February 2024

Partnering for Progress: Transcelestial and Globe’s Mission to Connect the Philippines

"Our transformation from Telco to TechCo is underway. With Transcelestial, the next-gen solutions Globe's building toward has the opportunity to be delivered at the speed of light," said Escarcha, Globe's…
11 December 2023

Transcelestial’s wireless laser communications enters Taiwan with telecom equipment system integrator, dB-Tech

Transcelestial has expanded to Taiwan with telecom equipment system integrator, dB-Tech, introducing its wireless laser communications technology to leading Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). “dB-Tech has…

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